“Corporate citizenship” is a term referred to responsibility of a company for becoming responsible at social level. It is important and critical since this does not aim at earning profit but its main objective is to encourage some good environmental changes. Company achieves this by merging social and environmental concerns with their business policies and also introduces this to their stakeholders.

Company also describes it as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) .It keeps in mind every aspects of a business as it not only merges the environmental and social imperatives with the business but also maintains a balance of economy and in fact it is concerned that the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders are met. It is always important to identify and understand the difference between CSR and charity, sponsorships or philanthropy because they are a different concept CSR is basically a strategic business management concept whereas charity,sponsorships or philanthropy serves the purpose of reducing the poverty and enhancing the reputation of a company.

It is also important as CSR is a completely different concept as it is implemented amongst companies only if it goes with the policies and terms of the company and do not affect the economic growth of the company.CSR programmer of most companies are generally based on the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Approach which has achieved a great value and is seen as a great tool for SMEs in the developing countries to fulfill all the social and environmental standards without affecting the competiveness.Infarct TBL is a tool used to compare the performance of corporate against economic, social and environmental performance.it is an effort to encourage the private firms so that they are not only concerned about the profit but can rather move towards sustainable global development. It is considered that for any firm to be sustainable it should be financially secure, and should have minimum impact of its negative environment and can meet all the expectations of the society.

Besides these this concept is critical and important since it is a well-known fact that consumers trust a company by its credibility, services and authenticity. Besides these, the present age does not permit companies or organizations to be simply in business for making profit but wants it to do some social works. And in this very competitive environment the customers choose a company on the basis of its performance in the outside world apart from their workplace. Now a day it is seen that many individuals trust a company on the basis of how a company is affecting its environment. Hence, CSR activities help in building that image in the mind of customers.

Also, an organization’s public image is highly dependent on its social responsibility programs and also on how educated and aware consumers are there. Cone Communications did a research in which it was found that 9 out of 10 consumers would avoid doing work with a company which does not have a corporate social responsibility plan. For example:- If it is found that a company is very much involved in donation and charity like donating funds to non-profit organizations and schools, hospitals then there chance of being chosen by a consumer increases. Besides these if a company ensures that the materials they are using in their products are Eco-friendly and bio degradable then the consumers are highly attracted towards this. Infarct there is a video “Scarecrow”by chipotle which very well shows the above behavior. Hence, It’s very important that when you are doing something for a purpose, it is noticeable because unless and until it is not noticed it is of no use. Therefore positive media coverage is important to come into the eyes of a consumer. And hence it is important to maintain a good relationship with media so that they cover all your stories you offer them, and how the company is involved both in business and social work.

On the contrary, if a corporation is involved in things which have a negative impact on society or environment then this is also covered by media and this news goes viral more quickly. So media is only useful when it highlights your positives. Now this section is quite simple because it’s just common sense –People always want to work in a company which has a good reputation and image and is on focus in media because of its good deeds. How corporations react and act on social responsibility in 2015 will be important to the nonprofit world. The Social responsibility programs which can include donations, team building volunteer efforts, matching gifts and fund raising event are becoming common amongst the corporations. These initiatives which are doing such good things are very important and significant for the nonprofit organizations.

Let’s understand the above issue in more deep with the help of various program ran by Pepsi Co for the benefits of society and consumers as a whole. It is one of the biggest producers of food and beverages all over the world.With this it maintains the quality and taste as it has been approved by all the food authorities and governments standards for food safety and security.

It is also concerned with the environmental safety that any of the products they are using does not have a bad impact on the environment. It’s Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs Department and our suppliers are sincerely concerned with the sustainability and safety associated with the food so they work together to ensure that they use bio engineered ingredients and products which does not have a negative impact on environment. Besides these scientific and regulatory specialists keeps themselves updated with the new trends and reports published on issues related to maintaining our high standards in food safety and security.

It also addresses the significance of using bio engineered crops for farmers and for the society that these products are less prone to weeds and pests and resistive to climatic changes. Using bio engineered products reduces the need of fertilizers and chemicals for production and growth. The value of bio engineered crops that have been assessed and approved by governmental food authorities may increase both to ensure healthy eating, sustainable production and for feeding maximum population. Hence their first and the foremost concern is to maintain the health and safety of our people. The reason for designing PepsiCo’s Environmental Compliance, Health and Safety Policy was because the considered that healthy food can be provided with a little input and illness can be prevented.

All the above policies help Pepsi Co in the way that it helps in building great image in the eyes of customers which in turn helps them in raising their sales in different countries. It is because of this reason; it is one of the most respectable and large selling beverage companies in the World. Hence, CSR is quite important in raising brand image for a company.


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