Students Perception and Ideology behind greater education

 In General

Two great scholars such as George Kuh and John Gardner researched through the new perspectives on student success. The two scholars believed in contributing support and bearing responsibility in helping students achieve their goals. Well! Supporting students meant retention initiatives such as remedial curricula, writing centers, outreach and resource programs, engagement programs etc. Simultaneously, the two great scholars paid very close attention to the drop-out rate of students at the college or university. They both realized that students do not have means of academic support that they expect when they are enrolled in school. In this quest of improvement some areas of academic support kicked in, however, it was not all.

Student Expectations from Academic Institutions

The largest drawback student’s face is the workload of studies. The class environment or lecture does not help students to complete their coursework. Students demand some mentor ship from professors/lecturers outside the classroom. When students fail to find that mentor ship at a college or university, then they turn to some assistance outside. Therefore, students cannot be blamed if they choose to find an alternative help to help them in their academics. This is especially true for the international students who have no means of academic support. The language barrier creates wall between them and the lecturers. Therefore, students find an easy way of taking support from homework companies. Easy assignment is in a quest to help such students who find themselves in absolute helpless situations when it comes to completing their homework or class work. The experts and professionals hired by easy assignment understand the challenges students face, and therefore, are determined to help them accepting that student needs help and assistance in completing their homework.

Student’s framework and Ideology

In today’s times, students are seen as consumers more than them being a student. Students expect a lot from the learning environment. Students seek personalized sessions and want to be accommodated all the time. Students who are perfect with their native language have no problems with the personalized accommodation as much as international student’s demand. International students expect to be recognized, and they want the college or university to acknowledge their individual circumstances, based on that, students also opt for individual or face to face sessions that help them to understand their classes better.

Students want to feel valued, and nowadays they want university or college to provide them opportunities that will help them get better in achieving overall academic success.

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